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Monday, November 24, 2008

He-Man Glue Sticks from Argentina

These glue sticks were licensed by Mattel by Rondi and released in Argentina. Each one includes 30 mls of glue and the same small 1.5” red He-Man figure inside the tube among the glue. The tube stands about 5” tall and is labeled “Pegamento Escolar” which translates to “Scholastic Glue.” The original box only contained 36 glue sticks with each one dated 1983.

When I saw these for sale the seller has a display box with 38 glue sticks. He had them for sale individually but I was told that I had to purchase all 38 if I wanted the display box. Even though the box is missing its lid the artwork on the sides made this purchase well worth it. It features Skeletor squirting Tri-Klops with glue on 2 sides and Evil-Lyn squirting Mer-Man with glue while Orko is glued to each of them on the other two. I am not sure what the top of the box featured but I would guess it had He-Man on it since he does not appear on any of the sides.

I have seen a few of these pop up over the years but I believe this to be the only full box of 36. Surprisingly the glue inside is still quite gel-like despite the caps being far from airtight.

MOTU Argentina Glue Sticks