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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Vintage LEO Masters of the Universe Figures

The mystery of licensed MOTU figures from India started sometime in the 1990's. The mix of classic and New Adventures figures and card styles just added to the richness of the line. Although the figures are fully licensed and produced by LEO (Mattel Toys (India) Ltd.) they are extremely rare and hard to find.

The figures come on a classic sized card although it is slightly smaller than the U.S. and European versions. Most of the figures are available on classic style red cards although there are a few different layout variations. A few of the figures were available on blue New Adventures themed cards. Many of the figures were available on a varaity of card styles.

The LEO figures were very similar to the U.S. versions but the few differences are often dramtic. The Faker with his orange Skeletor Armor & Belt, orange Havoc Staff, and black eye liner is one of the most sought after variations. Also prized is the dark blue Skeletor, although a lighter Skeletor was also produced by LEO. Two more of the rarer figures included the Flying Fist He-Man and Mantenna.

The figures and weapons are usually marked India, Malaysia, or not at all. They were not usually packaged with minicomics although I have seen a few pictures of carded ones online that appear to have a minicomic included.

Here is a list of the figures that I have confirmed to have been produced by LEO. It is far from complete but I tried to only include figures that I could personally verify. There are many others that people claim to own, have seen, or heard of. Once I get evidence of their existance I will update the list. A large variety of figures were produced by LEO although I have only seen carded examples of the ones listed below. If you have any information about any figures or variations not included please post a comment.

RC= Red Card
NA= Blue New Adventures Card

* Beastman RC
* Evil-Lyn RC
* Extendar NA
* Faker RC
* Flying Fists He-Man NA
* He-Man RC
* He-Man NA
* He-Man AIR INDIA Short Card
* Karatti NA
* Leech RC
* Man-At-Arms NA
* Mantenna NA
* Mer-Man RC
* Moss Man RC
* Prince Adam RC
* Prince Adam NA
* Ram Man RC
* Skeletor (Light Blue Skin but darker than U.S.) RC
* Skeletor (Dark Blue Skin) RC
* Skeletor (Dark Blue Skin) NA
* Teela RC

Loose examples:
* Battle Armor He-Man
* Battle Armor Skeletor
* Clawful
* Fisto
* Grizzlor
* Jitsu
* Leech w/ Darker Painting & Black Crossbow
* Leech w/ Red Crossbow
* Man-E-Faces
* Modulok
* Orko
* Spikor
* Spikor (white trident & blue limbs)
* Stratos
* Sy-Klone (paper chest decal)
* Tri-Klops
* Whiplash
* Zodac (gray Skeletor belt & He-Man sword)

Beasts/ Vehicles/ Accessories
* Battle Cat Boxed
* Panthor Boxed
* Megalaser Carded

I also was fortunate to pick up a boxed Castle Grayskull at some point. It has more black paint on the exterior and the weapons are a green-grayish color.

The prices on the LEO figures have increased dramatically over the years. The figures seem to have been quite limited and never really exported at the time. Coupled with the fact that many of the carded examples are in less than fair shape, excellent carded examples of these figures tend to fetch premium prices.


Fatty said...

I posted some pictures of some of my Leo Mattel Figures on the org. It should be in the Vintage Marketplace and posted by prince.nothing.

D Sujit kr said...

Trapjaw was also produced in India