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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Savage He-Man

With the Savage He-Man making an appearance in the Mattel booth at this year’s NY Comic Con, I thought it timely to share a cool story about the mysterious brown-haired He-Man figure.

In 2001 I was asked to supply Mattel with a few reference figures for the then “Wonder Bread He-Man” figure. Mattel was planning their commemorative series and were interested in possibly including this figure in the line.

I sent 2 figures from my collection for Mattel to use for reference. Val Staples and myself did not (and still don’t) know which, if any, weapons and accessories came with the Savage He-Man. The opinion at the time was that he may have come with the brown Man-E-Faces weapons Axe & Sword. Although this was unconfirmed I did send these weapons with the figures to Mattel because I felt he had a better chance of getting made if he had accessories.

They had the figures for about a month but nothing ever came from this …. until now. The Mattel booth at the 2008 NYCC contained a brown-haired He-Man figure. The figure on display had a weapons pack black Zodac gun & armor. Mattel said, "the figure was a potential for a deco variant later on in the line."

Here are some pictures of the actual Savage He-Man figures that Mattel used for reference as well as a thank you letter from Mattel. If you have any information about the true origins of the brown-haired He-Man figure please post.


google said...

Very cool, let's see pictures of the test shots, or did you already sell them on eBay? ;-)

- He-Bro

Bubbashelby said...

I recently found a WBHM at a flea market, and he is wearing the Black Zodac armor.

I did a write up on my blog at

JVP said...

I still have the test shots, I usually don't sell anything I can't replace. I will post pics when I post my blog about test shots.


google said...

These are yours, right:


rmartinezo said...
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rmartinezo said...