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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Man-At-Arms Charity Statue

In February of 2003, Mattel held charity auctions of 6 different giant 2-up scale He-Man figures to benefit the family of Ed Watts and raised over $14,000. Ed Watts passed away after a battle with cancer and Mattel held these auctions to help his family financially. For those of you who don’t know who Ed Watts was here is an excerpt from The Archives of Eternia Biography:

“ Ed was recommended to Roger Sweet by Doug Halbert, an outside designer who also contributed to the Masters line. The artwork done by Ed Watts for the Masters line is incredibly artistic and well-developed. Unlike many of the other illustrators, Ed usually included backgrounds to his vehicle and character illustrations. His complete presentation style and use of color swayed marketing to choose many of his designs for production.

A few quotes from "Mastering the Universe" by Roger Sweet: "The nineteen-by-twenty-four-inch full-color sketch illustrations Ed did for Masters products were sensational and otherwordly, some of the best I have ever seen." (page 217) "Ed Watts, one of the great designers in my group at the time, had done an exciting full-color rendering of Bashasaurus with Skeletor in the driver's seat." (page 214) "This vehicle - or was it a playset? - was the outstanding creation of a terrific designer and illustrator in my group, Ed Watts." (page 217) .

This particular statue was painted and designed by David Martis. The base was molded and cast by Hank Miller. The figure is identical to the fast casts that Mattel sends to Asia. In fact it was cast by the Four Horsemen (who also graciously donated their time) from the original molds.

As with the original Four Horsemen 2-Up scale casts, this figure is made of resin and is held together with steel pins. His head, arms, hands, and legs are removable. To get his mace in his hand, the handle separates from the top and is also held together with a steel pin. He stands slightly less than 14” not including the base.

Here are some pictures of the statue with more pictures to be included in the new archives on in the future. I will also be featuring a blog about the Skeletor Statue in the near future so keep checking back.

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