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Friday, July 25, 2008

Laser Power He-Man & Laser-Light Skeletor

Laser Power He-Man and Laser-Light Skeletor were 2 of the last figures made as part of the Classic He-Man and The Masters of the Universe toy line. The figures were only made for release in Europe and are either marked "Made in Spain" or "Made in Italy". Each one requires a AA battery to work. They are dated 1988.

LP He-Man's Power Sword lights up when you raise his arm. The LP He-Man comes in 2 different versions - one with a Classic He-Man head and the other with a new sculpt. A prototype of the LP He-Man is part of the Archives of Eternia collection and will be available for viewing at shortly.

The eyes and staff of LL Skeletor light up when you raise his arm. He also comes with a purple hooded cape.

Although there are no official production numbers available for these figures they are the hardest to find (and often most expensive) figures for collectors. Over the years, I have come across a few dealers in Italy that have been able to get a couple of sets each. I have never been able to get them directly from a Spanish dealer.

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