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Monday, December 7, 2009

Leo Half Promotion MOTU Card by Air India

This figure is awesome! It demands its own post. Thanks so much for sharing Lofftap and Kupra99.

As posted by Lofftap on Leo Half Promotion MOTU Card by Air India, yes red card I know, but has quite a few major differences then the other Red cards. The back is completely original with different art and different fonts set for it's main market of buyers, along with it simply being a half card, but also having the yellow boarder on the corner top with a He-Man font printed and etc.... What you think about adding this one Josh? It's mine and totally legit... From what I know anyways only two of these have I ever seen surface and the other is owned by someone who lives in Spain if I'm not wrong. The half card Leo He-man picture on the Grayskull Museum website, is 99.9% for sure mine, since I have already talked to (Seb) one of the owners of the website and he has confirmed this picture came from the German Collector, who I will keep anonymous but was the person who I bought mine from and the two cards looked to be completely the same.


Nuno Mata said...

Hey there

its good to Know one more of the many milions os fans of MOTU.

Im from portugal and i am a great collector of figures including Motu figures from all the series.

You can explore my blog of figures (not only MOTU) in

I also have an hobby that consists in reparing action figures and for that I have a Toy Hospital in

do you have figures of motu for trade or sale?

say something please

Best regards

Nuno Mata

JVP said...

Hello Nuno,
I used to sell on my site but now only list on eBay at .

I hope to list a lot more vintage stuff this coming year.

Thanks for your post.

Raul said...

Woooo rare and nice!!!!

Raul said...
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Anonymous said...

happy new year............................................................

Justin said...

Nice promo!

Justin said...

Nice promotion! I would like that I could find something like this. It is very difficult to get. Just as difficult to find Generic Viagra in stores close to my house.

Anonymous said...

Nice ! I also own one of these on 1/2 card

Luke Loffelmacher said...

Officially back in lofftaptoys collection :)